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Our Services


  • Aeration – is an important part of your lawn maintenance, Improve your lawn by reducing thatch and easing soil compaction. It also provides room for grassroots to spread. We recommend this service to be completed at least once every year.
  • Overseeding – helps keep lawns healthy and prevent weeds without chemicals. It is especially effective after a power rake or aeration.
  • Top dressing – is an excellent way to build a better soil base, which is the key to having a healthy lawn. It also helps level any low spots and provides an excellent medium for seed germination. This service is recommended together with overseeding.
  • Fertilizing – Fertilized lawns grow better, fight off weed infestations more easily, and resist diseases and stress better.




  • Planting and design – Garden’s space and feature should be designed to meet your needs including access, privacy, views, outdoor activities, relaxation, dealing with stormwater, making you feel closer to nature, expressing your style, and much more. Garden is part of nature, refined and cultivated. Although garden can be many things, there are principles that underline all garden planning. Following these principles will bring about high standard of design whether its annuals, perennials or trees and shrubs planting. We can help you select the plants that fit your garden’s needs and create a beautiful garden for any occasion or for whatever purpose.
  • Irrigation – It’s no secret that grass needs water to live. Home irrigation systems, can save you time, water and money. Also can add to the value of your home. A home irrigation system automatically waters your Lawn and other plants while the weather gets hot and dry.
  • Interlocking – Our company will help the homeowner who wants to include natural stone in their landscape design. Stone and interlock can be used to great effect in all landscapes. It will help add natural, beauty and value to your property.
  • Revitalization – When was the last time your garden had a professional make-over? Gardens may also lose their touch of comfort if they are left uncared for. If it’s been years since you last planted anything in your garden, then it’s time for some revitalization work. We can provide you expert advice on what will work for your garden and then we will help you to get it done.
  • Sodding – laying fresh and weed-free sods always is a great option.

Tree Removal Services

“In order to maintain the health, appearance, and safety of your landscape, you should take care of them year-round. By paying more attention to your trees in the winter, you can make them look so much better by the time spring and summer comes.”


Lawn & Garden Maintenance Service (Weekly or Bi-weekly)
Regular lawn cutting is crucial for the cosmetic and health benefits of your lawn, it promotes curb appeal and helps keep your lawn healthy, pests-free and green for the entire season. We offer reliable and professional maintenance service that will save you time for the other important things in your life.

Our Service Includes:

  • Weekly Lawn cutting, trimming and blowing debris from driveway and walkway
  • Edging, and turning the soil
  • Weeding of flower beds( available at extra cost)
  • Shrub maintenance



Service Includes:

  • Raking of leaves and debris
  • Cleaning & edging of flower beds
  • Pruning of rose bushes
  • Trimming of shrubs
  • Dethatching of grass


Service Includes:

  • Raking of leaves and debris
  • Fall pruning and winter preparation
  • Final lawn cutting


Tired of shoveling? We can help you with comprehensive snow removal services that include clearing stairs and walkways to house from snow. We offer snow removal services to both residential and commercial properties.


  • Snow removal
  • Salting


  • Snow removal
  • Ice control

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